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Always a $10 walk in for any single class or $75 month to month for unlimited classes

without a contract or multiple month commitment!

All sessions are live in the facility, streaming

online and posted for on demand access for

month to month members!

This awesome "cardio-heavy" group exercise class will be every Wednesday at 6:30pm. We were going to wait until we relocated to our new facility this fall to release this class but it’s time to break it in.
This is a 45 minute calorie scorcher based on more types of circuits that you’ve ever seen before, with drills including:
PLUS, when we relocate, we will be adding significantly more equipment to this amazing class Such as ASSAULT BIKES AND PROWLERS!
$10 is all you need to walk in and this class is included if you are a monthly member!

This is a virtual exercise program for those who wish to learn functional training exercises for the first time or who want to work on drills that promote total body strength, joint mobility and muscle flexibility. This program requires nothing more than a stick (broom stick or PVC), abmat (optional) and foam roller. All exercises are bodyweight oriented and performed at a slow, deliberate pace to ensure proper movement patterns. There are three classes each week. Tuesdays at noon, Wednesdays at 11:30 AM and Thursdays at noon. Each Tuesday and Wednesday session is demonstrative and instructional to prepare for Thursday which brings those exercises back together for a work out. This class benefits everyone from the straight out of the gate beginner to the professional athlete.

The monthly fee is $49, without a contract or multiple month commitment. If you are a full unlimited group class participant ($75 monthly), this class is included with your membership!

Every live streaming class is added to the growing on-demand library for anytime use!

Let my team with our 20 years experience and 10 “Best of Bucks” awards get you on your way to a stronger, leaner and healthier life in 2021.

Fight Club kickboxing is hands down, the most fun you will ever have in a boxing program. No bag at honme? No worries! Our class can be performed shadow boxing! Once again for this class, in the facility, we incorporate the impact wrap fitness tracking platform and mobile device application. The statistics for total strikes on the bag, speed of strikes, average impact power and a total score for the workout are tabulated in real time on two giant flat screens in the facility. When class ends all of that information is broken down and sent to each participant's mobile device via the free application. This class is 50 minutes of boxing and kickboxing followed by 10 minutes of abdominal and core training. Our 27 bag Impact Wrap system is exclusive to Extreme Fitness in this area. The walk in fee for class at the facility is $10. As a member, you have unlimited access to this class at the facility (without online pre-registration) or from anywhere via the live online stream or on demand.  NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

CROSSBOXX is a class exclusive to Extreme Fitness. It is the perfect blend of boxing, kickboxing, abdominal/core work, cardiovascular conditioning, functional training and light resistance training. The class is 60 minutes in duration and is perfect for all exercise levels. No bag at home? No worries! Our at home participants can shadow box! Those who participate inside the facility (while members have the option to also participate from anywhere via the live online stream or on-demand) have access to The Impact Wrap boxing tracker application for their mobile devices to finally be able to track progress. The Impact Wrap application tracks total strikes to the bag, the average power of every hit, the speed of every hit and tabulates a total score at the end of the workout. These statistics are presented on two giant flat screens in the facility, in real time so everyone can see their progress during class.  At the end of the work out, all of those statistics are sent to the free mobile application breaking it down into specifics, so everyone has the ability to track their progress as time goes on. This 27 bag system at Extreme Fitness is exclusive to our facility in our area. Walk in fee for this class at the facility is $10.


The Impact Wrap fitness tracking platform is the first and best way to track your cardiovascular conditioning, total strikes on a bag, average power of all of your strikes and track a total score for each workout. Our 27 bag system, and growing, is exclusive to Extreme Fitness in this area. We use this tracking application in our Crossboxx and fight club classes. For those who participate in this class at the facility, their statistics are posted in real time on two giant flat screens. When class has concluded, that information is broken down into specifics and sent directly to the free mobile device application of each participant in class. 

ExtremeFIT bootcamp Has been a staple at our facility since 2008. We were the first fitness facility in the area to introduce the bootcamp format to the community.  This class is a calorie scorcher and includes many aspects of exercise formatting. This class incorporates body weight training, light to moderate weightlifting, cardiovascular conditioning, resistance band drills, balance/stability, functional training, abdominal/core work and more. When the weather is appropriate, we have indoor and outdoor activities. This class is 60 minutes in duration. Members have access to this class at the facility without online pre-registration, access from anywhere via the online live stream and on demand use. Walk in fee for this class at the facility is $10. 

Stretch shop is a class unique to Extreme Fitness, blending active/passive muscle lengthening techniques and specific yoga postures to help relieve tightness and discomfort of the hips, lower back, shoulders and neck. This is a 45 minute class. We work with yoga blocks, straps, foam rollers and mobility sticks. As a member, you have access to these classes in the facility without online pre-registration, participate from anywhere via the live online stream or anytime on demand.  In the facility walk in is $10.  This class is a great way to help prevent injury due to lack of joint mobility. 


For 20 years, personal training has been our forte. Our instructors have significant experience with special populations, extreme obesity, training through injuries/rehabilitation and most importantly with working with those who have no exercise experience whatsoever. We have no contracts or multiple month agreements. Payments for personal training sessions are as you go, one session at a time paid in advance of scheduling.

PRICING: THE FITNESS ASSESSMENT (the first personal training session) is a one time $100 fee. We ask everyone to set aside an hour for this meeting. We gather all the necessary medical, lifestyle and exercise history information needed to best understand exactly what condition you are in. We provide you with a computerized body composition analysis, showing your metabilic speed, needed caloric intake, body fat percentage, amount of muscle mass and hydration level. Then we put you through a cautious 30 minute fitness assessment on the gym floor. This assessment displays your strength, cardiovascular condition, balance, exercise form and poor movement parrerns. All of this information provides the trainer with the necessary data to create a unique training program to help you quickly and safely reach your goals.

PRICING: SUBSEQUENT PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS (after the fitness assessment) are pay as you go. We ask that all scheduled sessions are paid for in advance. Sessions with James, Ryan or Linda are $50 for each 30 minute session. Sessions with Marty (the owner) are $60 per 30 minute session. We encourage all clients to come in at least 20 minutes ahead of their session to use our warm up equipment to get ready for the session and stay after completion to cool down and stretch. All personal training clients receive a monthly computerized analysis and sustainable nutritional guidance at no additional cost.

PRICING: SUSTAINABLE NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE. We offer this as a separate option for those who are not personal training clients. The initial consultation will take an hour. The fee is $150. This fee includes a custom whole food meal plan, telling you exactly what to eat, what measurements and when, for a 7 day period. This meal plan comes with a long list of food substitutes so the plan will last for up to 12 weeks, as you learn how to implement it into your life. This fee also includes 3 additional computerized body composition analyses to be used within a month.  Subsequent meal plans and weigh-ins can be purchased for an additional cost.

Our confidence in our ability and professionalism is all we need to ensure that you will return to work on your goals without having to pay hundreds even thousands of dollars in advance. Current gym statistics show that 48% of people who sign long-term contracts quit within the first six months. We don't want you to become part of that statistic, we want you to succeed. Our 20 years of nutritional guidance experience is included at no extra charge as is regular computerized body composition analysis at the facility. Our approach on nutrition is different from most facilities in that we focus on mostly plant-based, whole food nutrition. We focus on your health first and then your weight management second. We do not recommend nutritional supplements or fad diets of any kind. We take into consideration your age, gender, bodyweight, existing medical conditions, medications, stress level, food likes/dislikes, food allergies, goals and Construct a sensible, sustainable nutritional program to help you succeed. You will have text message support from your trainer.   

Our virtual personal training program was established 8 years ago and has reached multiple countries. Our 20 years of experience in every facet of fitness gives our team a unique ability to work with special populations as well as the professional athlete.  We will create and email a custom meal plan to fit your goals and lifestyle. That meal plan will be constantly monitored while you remain in the program. Our clients enjoy text message access to their trainers for any questions or concerns while in the program, no worrying about scheduling phone calls!  All sessions are 30 minutes and range from $50 to $60 each depending on the trainer you choose to work with. Sessions must be paid for in advance and there is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.  Our constant exercise form correction and amazing motivation will safely guide you through every amazing workout and keep you wanting to come back for more!

Mission Statement: Feeling good is something that varies from person to person.  Being physically fit is a privilege, a way of life, a quality of existence that must be experienced in order to be truly understood.  Extreme Fitness was founded on the principal that "you can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to".  We willingly make lifelong commitments to every individual, young and old, to help better their quality of life.  We strive to pass on the years of knowledge we possess, to motivate those who feel they are unable to motivate themselves, to bring confidence, happiness and health to families so they may have the chance to enjoy fitness together.  We want every client to know, that when they feel like they can't, that they can; that if they have tried, that they have not failed and that the human body is the most impressive, complex machine they will ever have the opportunity to operate and that we should never stop trying to find out what it is capable of doing.

"One person at a time, we will never stop."


Seaching for personal training in Bucks County, personal training in Fairless Hills, personal training in Yardley, personal training in Langhorne, personal training in Newtown or personal training in Levittown? Extreme Fitness Personal Training is the place to go!

Meet the owners Martin McLoughlin and Linda Stout.

      Since 2001 Extreme Fitness Personal Training has provided personal training, bootcamp, weight loss programs, group training and nutrition counseling. At Extreme Fitness we have something that has become almost impossible to find in the personal training industry these days, PASSION. We have over 30 years experience in the fitness industry. Our seasoned staff members provide the highest level of personal training available in the area. We will help you reach your goals, regardless of your age, weight or current condition. Our job is to motivate and support your every effort to be healthier, stronger and begin a new lifestyle. Extreme Fitness is not your typical warehouse gym, it is a functional training facility, without contracts, memberships or multiple month commitments.  We have been helping people from 12 years old and up to do what they thought was impossible, to permanently change and become healthier.  Knowing the fitness industry as we do, we know you will not find a more comfortable, safe and motivational exercise environment anywhere.  Personal training sessions start at just $45. Walk in group classes are just $10. Custom meal plans and computerized body fat and metabolic testing are free to all personal training clients and we are available by text message 24/7 to our fitness community. Everyone here knows each other by their first name. We all work together to get each other through the hard times, as we all know, the road to fitness is a long and arduous one. If you found us by typing "personal training near me", look no further. We are poised and ready to help and both of us can't wait to meet you!

     Our constantly changing fitness programs include weightlifting, bodybuilding, cardio, gymnastics, bootcamp drills, circuit training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), core training, TRX suspension exercise, strongman, boxing, cardio boxing and endurance training. Our programs create an unbeatable fat burning and muscle toning environment that is second to none. We have collectively over 30 years experience in weight loss and strength training call 267-799-5622 to set up your fitness assessment now!